My Story

I compete in the bodyfitness category, Masters +45 series under IFBB, so to be able to compete at this level I have to eat healthily and use only a few natural supplements.

I've always been sporty, with a background of competitive gymnastics at National level. I have never lost the enthusiasm to train and preserve my fitness, firstly as a young mother and latterly in training alongside my twenty-something kids ! I also wanted to challenge myself further so for the last five years I've competed in two Finnish national championships. In doing so I have had to build muscle at the same time as losing fat and can personally advise on planned weight loss in combination with good nutrition and targeted exercise.

So do not hesitate to go to the gym and train. Do not say, "The gym is not a thing for me," give it a chance. Building muscle mass reduces the risk of getting sick and, in addition, keeps you mentally alert as well as physically in good shape. Remember, age is not an obstacle, only a number and it’s your state of mind that keeps your head clear and the lights on.